STYLFILE S Shaped Nail File


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Makes Filing your Nails Quick and easy!

Invented with love by The BBC’s The Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau, the STYLFILE 2 is a 3 in 1 professional nail tool!

The STYLFILE 2 is curved nail file designed to allow you to follow the curve of your natural nail for great and easy results. This curved emery board makes it easy to achieve a great-looking finish, even when using your non- dominant hand making filing nails quick and easy.

With a built in under-nail skimmer, cuticle pusher and two different abrasive sides this unique nail file is the ultimate in Nail care allowing you to shape and smooth your nails; it’s a must have manicure essential.


Always file from the nail edge towards the centre, then repeat, filing from the other edge of the nail.
The curve of the STYLFILE S-file is designed to make this quick and easy.