STYLPRO Gel Polish Removal Clips


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Need to Remove your Gel Nail Polish at Home?

This fabulous kit includes everything you need to safely and effectively remove gel nail polish at home.

Proven to remove Gel polish without reducing the thickness of the natural nail, the STYLFILE Gel Polish Remover Kit will leave your natural nails looking and feeling amazing after removing Gel nail polish.

This handy set contains everything needed to remove professional gel-polish swiftly:
Zebra S-file to prep nails before soaking
Gel Polish Remover Solution
5x Gel remover clips
3x manicure sticks
Almond cuticle oil
4-way buffer file

Does not include cotton wool pads.


1. Simply soak a cotton pad with the remover solution and place directly onto the fingernail.

2 . Place a STYLFILE Remover Clip over the top and gently squeeze for a snug fit. Repeat on all fingernails.

3. Wait or 10-15 minutes, remove the clips and cotton pads and check that the gel has started to lift away from the natural nail. Gently tease away the lifted gel with a manicure stick.